There are various official procedures which are required to be undertaken at the time of registration of new company. Such company registration can be done online. Now a day, it is not necessary to go to the corporate office for registration. One can register the company by sitting at home. There are certain rules that are required to be followed for registration they are- Director Identification Number (DIN) and Digital Signature Certificate (DSC).
The important steps involved for registration of a new company are-
– Acquisition of Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)
– Acquisition of Director Identification Number
– E form to be filed for booking the name desired.
– Incorporation of the company
Registration is necessary to run the business without any legal complications.
Let us discuss in detail the four steps in the registration of a new Private Company-
Step 1- Acquisition of digital signature certificate
It is necessary to ensure the authenticity of the documents that are filed electronically. It demands digital signature on the documents so submitted. Such digital signature certificate is approved by the controller of certification agencies (CCA). It has one or two years of validity and is needed to be renewed after its expiry. Such digital signature can be acquired from the government agencies like MTNL, NIC and TCS.
Step 2- Acquisition of Director Identification Number (DIN)
The step of registration is the one in which each director needs to obtain his director identification number. It is compulsory for every director to acquire DIN and DSC. Both the existing and intended directors need to compulsorily have DIN. It is necessary to file e form DIR 3 in order to get DIN. This form is available on the site of Ministry of corporate affairs.
You need to register yourself on the website of MCA where you can obtain the login id. A filled form is then uploaded by clicking the upload button along with the applicable fees. After the DIN is generated, the same is intimated to the concerned person through email.
If any changes or updation is required in the information provided by the directors, the same can be made in eform DIR 6.
Step 3- Account needs to be created on MCA portal –
It is necessary to have an account of registered user on a MCA portal so that the eform can be filed and payment can be done online. In order to register on MCA portal, click on the link ‘register as new user’.
Step 4 – Finally, application for registration-
It includes the incorporation of company which initializes with name application & approval of the company, registration of the office address, and particulars of the director’s appointed.
Form INC-1- Application for availability of the name proposed for new company.
The Integrated Form INC-29 has been replaced with SPICe Form INC-32 and as such the Form INC-29 has been completely removed from the MCA portal. The SPICe Form INC-32 is also very simpler to use which also helps with fast track incorporation of a company in India.
This simplified & integrated process for incorporation of a company is done through
• Form No. INC-32,
• e- Memorandum of Association in Form No. INC-33 and
• e-Articles of Association in Form No. INC-34, select the table applicable to you i.e. which table of AOA is applicable on you. Clauses  will appear on the screen. The same can be altered or marked “Not Applicable”.
Key Features:
• DSC of all Subscribers needed instead of physical sign.
• Date of signing MOA & AOA will be date of affixing DSC.
• Share Capital – Minimum authorized and subscribed share capital required for;
 OPC is Rupee one or
 a private company having share capital is Rupees two and
 in case of a public company Rupees seven.

Once these forms are filed, the application will be approved by MCA, if considered fit and accurate as per the norms of Companies Act, 2013 and a confirmation mail will be received with respect to the incorporation of a new company and finally you will receive the Certificate of Incorporation.

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